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  "WAVE" to a effective musculoskeletal ultrasound treatment

Frequency 1 and 3 MHz, output power maximum 3 Watt/cm² are almost standard specification of all therapeutic ultrasound devices. Do they all perform the same? Do they all deliver same therapeutic effect?

Therapists who have used different brands of devices, know not every machine works the same and not deliver same effect. But why ........

The difference is determined by the quality of piezo-crystal that produces ultrasonic wave inside a treatment head when it is charged by electrical current. A good quality piezo-crystal will emit good collimating beam; contrarily, a poor quality piezo-crystal will emit scattering beam. See diagrams:

If a treatment head has a effective radiating area (ERA) of 4cm² and output setting is 3 Watt/cm², the total dosage should be 12 Watt over the whole 4cm² area. The good collimating ultrasound beam will maintain approx. 4cm² size and delivering 12 Watt total power. However, with a poor piezo-crystal, if the ultrasound beam travels and scatters from 4cm² to a level becoming 5cm², the actual intensity will become 2.4 Watt/cm² but no longer 3 Watt/cm² (12 Watt / 5cm²).It explains why one treatment head seems delivering more power than another one even if the setting on the machines are the same.

Unfortunately, user cannot find it out from product catalogue or printed technical specification. However, price can be a good indication as quality does not come cheap.




  • 1 & 3 MHz ultrasound frequency.
  • LCD display with bright backlight.
  • Hammer-shaped ultrasound treatment heads, ERA 4cm² and 1cm².
  • Contact control LED on treatment heads.
  • Ultrasound heads are "plug-&-play" designed and local repairable.
  • Two sockets allowing both treatment heads to be connected all the time.



PHYACTION Ub MF (Entry level)

  • Dual frequency 1 & 3 MHz.
  • LCD display with no backlight.
  • New treatment head design allows different holding preference, ERA 4cm² and 1cm².
  • Contact control LED on treatment Heads.
  • Ultrasound heads are "plug-&-play" designed and local repairable.
  • Provides one socket for ultrasound head connection only.


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